Dominican Nuns

Nuns of the Order of Preachers


Let us fix our attention on the blood of Christ and recognize how precious it is to God his Father, since it was shed for our salvation and brought the grace of repentance to all the world.  Saint Clement

A Dominican Nun offers her entire life to God for the salvation of souls. Through her vow of obedience, which binds her to Christ, she continues his self-offering. 

By means of monastic observance, she seeks to be conformed to Christ Crucified.  In union with Him she glorifies the Father for the eternal purpose of his will and the marvelous dispensation of his grace.  

St. Dominic associated his Nuns with the “holy preaching” by their prayer and penance.  As the Lord Jesus, the Savior of all, offered himself completely for our salvation, the Nuns consider themselves to be truly his members primarily when they are spending themselves totally for souls. Nuns praying

In the cloister, the Nuns devote themselves totally to God and perpetuate that singular gift which the blessed Father Dominic had of bearing sinners, the down-trodden and the afflicted in the inmost sanctuary of his compassion.