Dominican Nuns

Nuns of the Order of Preachers


Feast of Blessed Diana and Blessed Cecilia

of the Order of Preachers

 “The words spoken by the friend of the Bridegroom are very different from those of the Bridegroom Himself. You, beloved daughters, have heard the gentle whisper of your Bridegroom Himself and you rejoice with joy because of His voice; wherefore what I write you must be of little moment, I who, though I seem to be the Bridegroom’s friend, am less even than that. Still, as I do fulfill that office, since He has charged me to be your bridesman; as I am jealous on your behalf with the jealousy of God himself; as I have betrothed you to Christ that no other but He should claim you.” 

from a letter of Blessed Jordan of Saxony to Bl. Diana D’Andalo

“And the Lord said to him, “Do you want to see your Order?” and he answered, “Yes, Lord.” Then Our Lord, putting his hand upon the shoulders of the Blessed Virgin, said to Blessed Dominic, “I have entrusted your Order to my Mother.” Then he asked him again, “Do you still wish to see your Order?” and again he answered “Yes, Lord.” Then the Blessed Virgin opened the cape which covered her and spread it out before Blessed Dominic, to whom it seemed vast enough to cover the entire heavens and, under it, he saw a large multitude of the brethren. Then prostrating himself, Blessed Dominic gave thanks to God and to Blessed Mary His Mother.” 

from The Miracles of St. Dominic, by Blessed Cecilia Cessarini, O.P.